Rare Birds of Poland

Tax included Dostawa: 1 do 3 tygodni

Recently published book – a comprehensive overview of rare bird species in Poland

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Rare birds of Poland

Authors: Tadeusz Stawarczyk, Tomasz Cofta, Zbigniew Kajzer, Jan Lontkowski, Arkadiusz Sikora

The book describes 241 species of natural occurrence (category A and C) and 11 species of uncertain origin (category D) found in Poland during the last 200 years.

Each species account contains the following aspects: geographic range, status, past and present distribution, phenology of occurrence, period of stay, age structure, gregariousness and habitat.

Abundance of the rare breeding species has been estimated as: ephemeral (single pairs), extremely scarce (up to 30 pairs), very scarce (31–300 pairs) and scarce (301–3 000 pairs).

The species analysis are based on over 15 000 reports verified by the Polish Avifaunistic Commission during 1972–2015 (including some records from 2016). List of reviewed and rejected records is presented in the chapter “Revisions”. For each species a set of figures is included presenting annual and month (or decade) occurrence as well as distribution of records in particular provinces.

The content of the book is easily accessible for everyone because of many figures and English summary for each species.

Pages: 512
Book prepared and published by members of the Polish Avifaunistic Commission
Book includes 215 photographs documenting Polish records of rarities.

ISBN 978-83-947338-0-3

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